Career guidance: tester

Career guidance: tester

About discipline: Software and after build can contain vulnerabilities, errors that lead to failures. Experts consider the share of such errors to be on average 0.001 (1 error per 1000 code commands). Their elimination will require detection, localization, computational (financial) and time (intellectual) costs. This is done by testing specialists («testers,» «testers») who compile and process tests, detecting errors (before the «penultimate», as they say themselves). The challenge becomes more complex and more complex. It is difficult to find a tester, there are vacancies, young people want to master such a highly paid job. Such work, software check job, testing program complexes requires competencies.

The key property of the discipline: gives a set of competencies that form concepts about software testing, tests, testers.

The goals of the test: Intrigue the user that he will be able to work even from home in large IT companies and for this you do not even need to become a programmer. But you need to check whether there is enough knowledge and perseverance for this work.

The key checked concepts: software testing, drawing up tests to ON, search of the hidden mistakes (vulnerabilities) in the code and logic of the program.

Required level: school course in informatics and ICT.