What Genshin Impact character are you?

What Genshin Impact character are you?

The game Genshin Impact initially offers you to choose a character. The game includes 31 heroes and each is endowed with a certain element that they can use in battle. The characters have 7 elements in total:

  • Anemo (Wind);
  • Geo (Earth);
  • Hydro (Water);
  • Pyro (Fire);
  • Electro (Lightning);
  • Dendro (Nature);
  • Cryo (Frost).

However, our genshin quiz will evaluate which character you resemble. And there is no gender significance here. It will be the similarity of character that will be evaluated. The game Genshin Impact has bright and unique characters that many players have fallen in love with. But which of these characters do resemble? You will find out the answer from our quiz "What Genshin Impact character are you?".