Do you have a strong immune system?

Do you have a strong immune system?

Immunity is our body's protective system. Thanks to its work, damaging viruses, bacteria, and fungi do not penetrate our body. Every person's immune system works differently. It begins to form even before a person is born—in the mother's womb. Such immunity is called innate. There is also acquired immunity. It is formed after you get sick with this or that disease or are vaccinated.

Organs that are part of the human immune system:

  • Lymph nodes;
  • Tonsils;
  • Bone marrow;
  • Spleen.

It is also known that most of the immune cells are located in the intestine. About 80%.

If the immune system is weakened, a person develops diseases one after another. Find out if you have a reason to worry. Check how strong your health is! Take our immune system test.