Find your dominant brain hemisphere right now with our test

The study of the peculiarities of brain function is popular nowadays. Each half of the brain is responsible for certain activities. The Open Hemispheric Brain Dominance Scale (OHBDS) is a measure of the right and left brain dissimilarities. It was created on the basis of a correlation with five different scales. They are Philip Carter's test, the Alert Scale of Cognitive Style, Madeline Turgeon's questionnaire, the Wagner Preference Inventory, and the Polarity Questionnaire. The dominant hemisphere, by definition, is your brain's language center, indicating left-brained versus right-brained thinking. This hemisphere test consists of 24 items from a pool of 80. Your task is to rate them sincerely according to your personality, whether you agree or disagree. So, do not waste your time and find your dominant brain hemisphere online right now.