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Testometrika is an international company founded in 2016. We do not have offices, our project employs specialists from different countries.

"Who am I?", "What are my disadvantages?", "What happens with me?" — we especially assembled the tools so that you can understand yourself and answer these questions. Here you will find a lot of psychological tests on various topics, both professional solutions and entertainment — projective, illustrated, intellectual, family, vocational orientation tests, etc.

About Project

How our Project Appeared

Back in 2015, we faced the problem of the lack of psychological tests in open access and in a convenient format. The existing services at that time were difficult to use and contained outdated tests developed half a century ago. Resources with separate modern tools provide paid and expensive access for the average user.

We decided to gather like-minded people and create a project that solves these problems. The main goal was to provide people with a modern and convenient format of psychological tests completely free of charge.

Most people with psychological problems are not ready to turn to psychologists. Tests recommend consulting with a specialist when deviations are detected. By popularizing testing, we create new techniques and establish communication between our users and psychologists, solving problems of psychological fears and barriers.

Some psychologists are against the popularization of tests and argue that the disclosure of questions and keys reduces the accuracy of tests, gradually making them unusable. But we have our own approach:

How it Has Worked Out

As a result, we were able to create a website and applications with a huge number of tests on various topics ranging from professional psychological, educational, and IQ tests to entertainment.

We provide tools that allow a person to identify their advantages and disadvantages, which helps people to engage in their own self-development. We also have a blog where we cover topics that are relevant in psychology.

Advantages of the Website

99% of our tests are open and free for everyone. It is safe to pass the tests. The test results are stored anonymously on our servers because no personal data is required for testing, unless the user wants it himself. The data is not transferred to third parties.

Reliability of our Tests

Most of the tests on testometrika.com were tested for reliability and validity using mathematical statistics and psychometry. Thanks to big data analysis, we can check the methods fairly accurately. Correlation analysis with scales of recognized valid methods was used to check some validity tests. The exception is entertainment tests, but we do not check them.

Verified tests can be used for professional purposes. They will show a reliable result and will be able to qualitatively differentiate the subjects. It should be pointed out that to make very responsible decisions, it is not enough to use testing as the only and main tool.

Tests make it possible to identify psychological characteristics, behavioral patterns, and determine mood and well-being. And the diagnosis, psychological profile, recommendations, and anamnesis are established by professional specialists.

For the Developers of Methods

If you are a developer of tests and want to provide them to the public, we are ready to place them on our site, as well as check your methodology and help improve it.

We are happy to involve enthusiasts with professional knowledge in the development of tests and highly specialized professionals in certain topics of the project.

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