Career Quiz: Find out what category of professional activity you are more predisposed to

What category of professional activity you are more predisposed to

When a teenager finishes school, the problem of choosing a profession arises, the arguments for and against, it’s a lot on my mind from the abundance of information. The number of different specialties at the moment is several thousand, each with its own specifics, features. Not every profession is suitable for a future student.

In order not to get confused in all this diversity and narrow the search for the ideal direction, you can take a career guidance test or the Holland test. All professions can be divided into several categories:

  • people (doctors, teachers, law enforcement agencies, psychologists, lawyers, etc.)
  • nature (agronomist, veterinarian, biologist, ecologist, geologist, etc.)
  • technician (mechanic, locksmith, turner, driver, carpenter, electrician, machine operator, etc.)
  • sign system (programmer, dispatcher, economist, translator, mathematician, etc.)
  • artistic images (artist, architect, actor, director, hairdresser, cook)

Taking a career test online is much more convenient than filling out a bunch of paper forms and then calculating the results. And in order to reduce the scope of the search for a future profession, you can also take a test for professional interests. After that, the question of choosing a profession as a teenager will be easy. Are you ready to find out what category of professional activity a high school student is more predisposed to? Let's get started?