Work  copywriter

Work copywriter

About discipline:The profession of a copywriter is in demand, but success depends on the competence to create a "shock text." This will help to become a famous web writer. Professionals use copywriting, vacancies of all kinds and to improve skills. To become a technical (in a broad sense, not only about the technique) writer should learn constantly new, have and improve your "shock file." This copywriter file is used to store thoughts, statements, phrases or texts that meet on the Internet, the media. They can be used in the text kernel. However, the entire text (if it is not very long) should become free of water. It is necessary to know not only grammar, but also types, methods of writing and optimizing texts — selling, promoting, advertising, informing, etc.

The key property of discipline: gives a set of competencies that form concepts about copywriting and content management.

The goals of the test: to intrigue the user that he will be able to work even from home, enough literacy and good outlook (Internet — to help!).

Key verifiable concepts: copywriting, writing texts, optimization, content management, freelance.

Required level: school courses of the Russian language, informatics and ICT.