Financial Age Determination Test

Financial age is a certain behavior model that shows the level and quality of money in your life. Perhaps you immediately spend money that gets into your pocket. Or maybe you are ready to save on something for the future. All people are different. And they behave differently with money.

There are four categories that characterize a person's financial age:

  • Carefree childhood – 10-14 years. At this age, a child usually cannot plan expenses. They are impulsive in their wishes and purchases. Money is easily obtained from adults, so it is difficult to assess their significance. An adult with a child's financial views usually cannot take responsibility.
  • Carefree youth – from the age of 17. This category of people lives in the present day, not thinking about what will happen tomorrow. Saving and investing is almost impossible for them.
  • Mature wisdom – 30-50 years old. This category includes people who know how to manage their finances. They know how to open a deposit, how to use cashback, and, almost certainly, they have a broker account for the purpose of long-term investments.
  • An experienced conservative – 70 years old. This is a person who cannot be frightened by anything. They definitely have a financial “airbag” and a plan for the future.

We suggest you take our 25-question financial literacy test to find out how you behave with money. Let's go!