Internet Security

Internet Security

On discipline: The industry of information flow and technology has led to the  solving of social network security, internet safety, the development of cryptology (both  cryptography and cryptanalysis), special crypto algorithms, and ciphers. Social media safety can be achieved with an effective policy. Information security is the security of any  personal information , documents, software, and data protection on social networks, protecting networks from threats and ensuring the stable functioning of the system. Threat analysis is a prerequisite for any protection strategy. There are various threats to the security of internet systems:

• Mode changes

• Hacking

• Organization of system support failures

• Copying of personal data on the internet

• Infection by different viruses

The following threats are common to networks:

• Transmission, loss of passwords, and keys;

• Architecture and technology changes

• data protection on the internet

The goals of the test: To interest a user who controls the distribution of his personal data on the internet and social networks, and to give basic advice on handling personal data.

Key verifiable concepts: the types, goals, and capabilities of threats and measures to protect data systems and users on the internet.

Required level: school course in informatics and ICT.