Investments, Stocks and work as a trader - Digital Economy Professions

About discipline: In the pandemic, there are many people who want to do business, to find out how to earn money remotely on the stock exchange. But it is necessary to study bases of finance, how to make money on the stock exchange investments, investment and popular occupation — trading. A trader is an analogue of a broker who only works mainly on a (crypto) currency exchange. His income is formed by his ability to sell and buy securities and (crypto) currency. Soon whose trader vacancies are not yet occupied will be employed. They, like investors, are long-term (with rich experience, 4-5 years or more), medium-term (1-2 years), short-term (1-2 operations per month/quarter). There are also positional traders, etc. Without an effective platform, investment training will not insure against likely risks, losses. It should be vigilant, careful, psychologically sustainable, competent, disciplined, active and consistent.

The key property of the discipline: it is a complex of competencies that form concepts for investing, trading, working with ETFs, OPIF.

Test goals: Intrigue the user in applying his knowledge and time on the exchange to earn money as a trader managing other people's funds, check whether there is enough knowledge and perseverance for this work.

Key verifiable concepts: types, goals and opportunities of investors, traders, how they earn on exchanges.

Required level: school course in informatics and ICT.