What is crowdfunding, a crowdinvesting, crowdsourcing and crowdlending?

The four types of crowd models are most active — crowdinvesting, crowdsourcing, crowdlanding and crowdfunding.

Crowdsourcing ("sourcing" or "use of resources") is a model for transferring functions to a predetermined circle of persons (not necessarily only physical) by public offer, without a contract with the performance of functions for free (or with payment "to the minimum").

Crowdfunding or "crowd financing" is a model of voluntary pooling of resources in order to support people, groups, parties, companies, etc.

Crowdinvesting is a model of attracting capital (startup, small business) with equity investment and income shares.

Crowdlanding is a key crowdfunding submodel, with a stable reward, with a monthly repayment of part of the loan.

The key property of discipline: it’s a complex of competencies that form concepts for key business models with the participation of all.

The goals of the test: to intrigue the user that he will be able to use crowdfunding platforms and develop his idea, open his own business or implement a project useful in society, test his knowledge in this area, learn more.

Key verifiable concepts: types, goals and opportunities for doing business with the participation of crowds, people.

Required level: school course in informatics and ICT.