Depression Test online

Many of us have experienced a state of depression, and its main symptoms seem to be known to everyone:

  • lack of mood
  • a pessimistic view of the world
  • apathy
  • irritability
  • slowness in movements and thoughts

A depression test can identify them. At such moments, a person is extremely susceptible to external influences, both mental and physical. He needs the support of close people and, possibly, in especially difficult cases, the help of a specialist. And yet, it is considered a treatable disease.

You are probably wondering, "If you are depressed, what should you do?" First, don't panic and keep calm! Or maybe it is not this disease at all, but just short-term stress. And secondly, take a depression test and finally dispel doubts. And only if the result of the test turns out to be positive, you should contact a professional psychologist for help. So do not waste any time. Let's start!