Neurotic conditions clinical questionnaire

Many different psychological disorders are combined by modern science in the concept of neurosis, which almost any person can have. It usually occurs as a result of psychological trauma, stress and tension. It is good that there is a psychological test for neurosis that can diagnose its various types and manifestations. This questionnaire for the assessment of neurotic states is a clinical methodology for the qualitative analysis of neurotic manifestations, consisting of 48 questions. This neurosis test defines 6 scales:

  • obsessive-phobic disorders
  • anxiety
  • hysterical reaction reaction
  • asthenia
  • vegetative disorders
  • neurotic depression

To quickly cope with deviations and prevent their progression and development into more serious forms, it is important to identify them in time and consult a specialist. Are you ready to test yourself? It's time to take the neurosis test! Let's get started!