Find out what superpower you have in our test!

When we were children, we all imagined ourselves as superheros. Fighting evil seemed like a fun and really cool experience. Watching the Flash, Batman, and Spider-Man, we dreamed of being in their place. In the same way, protect the world, fly, read minds, or travel through time. Unfortunately, it is only a vivid imagination. In real life, this is unlikely to ever be possible at all. But have you ever wondered what exactly would make you special? What's your super power? Then here we go. The personality quiz was created to help you answer these questions and determine why you want to have this or that superpower. In addition, it can also indicate your qualities and character. What do you need to do? It's pretty simple. Your task is to choose the most suitable option. Listen to your heart's desires. Read each question carefully to achieve the most accurate result. So, take the quiz right now and find out why your personality is striving for strength.