What is your Patronus Charm from Harry Potter?

The Patronus Charm in the world of "Harry Potter" has a protective function. Only powerful wizards are able to master this spell. The patronus charm depends on the inner qualities of the magician. There are no strong or weak among them. Each is unique and protects against dementors. To activate magic, it is not enough to say "Expecto Patronum." You need to make an effort to remember happy moments and memories that will help you overcome fear. Yes, it's not easy, and not everyone succeeds at first. Initially, no one knew what appearance it had. Only after numerous attempts and efforts was the secret revealed. Harry's patronus charm is a deer; Albus Dumbledore's is a phoenix; Hermione Granger's is an otter; and Ronald Weasley's is a terrier. What kind of patronus charm do you have? Immerse yourself in the world of magic and find out the answer.