Let’s take a test about Australia

Australia is a country of contrasts and unique things that can only be found here. This amazing continent attracts Australian tourists from all over the world for its amazing atmosphere!  When it snows in much of the world, Australians bask on the sunny beaches. Unique animals and original nature live here. There are almost twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people: 50 million versus 25 million. The longest living structure in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is also in Australia. Its length is 2600 km. By the way, the Great Barrier Reef even has its own mailbox. Australia uses a special dialect of English called "strine". More than 300 languages are spoken on the mainland, 45 of which are indigenous languages. And the inhabitants of the country are so sociable that they start a conversation or a new acquaintance, even while standing in a small queue. However, they do not use official messages, considering it unacceptable to demonstrate their superiority. Are you still not interested in this amazing country? Check your knowledges about Aussie for tourists and sights of Australia in our test. Good luck!