Word Analogy Test

Starting from the lower grades of school, children are actively developing verbal and logical thinking. And the analogy practice questions test is one of the most frequently used to check the level of development of these abilities in a child. Based on this test, analyzing the child's answers, the psychologist can make an individual plan for the development of logical abilities and thinking as well as attention.

The verbal analogies test time is usually 2 – 3 minutes, and depending on the student's abilities, it may not be limited (there is no time limit in our implementation). The tasks in the test are quite simple: pairs of words will be offered that have some kind of connection with each other, followed by a separate word from which you need to select a word with the same connection from the list. For example, “horse – foal,” followed by the word “cow.” A foal is a horse's cub. In the list we find a cow's cub – this is a calf. It is permissible to assist the child in identifying the connection in 2–3 questions. Are you ready to solve the word analogies practice test?