Are you a romantic, a realist, or an idealist in relationships?

Love is a wonderful feeling, to which many novels, poems, and films are dedicated. It all starts with sympathy or friendship, then turns into affection, passion, and unconditional fondness in its highest sense. It includes a variety of emotions, from joy to disappointment. Having once experienced such a bright and trembling sentiment, a person develops a certain attitude to this notion. Actually, what do romantic relationships mean to you personally? Do you think you would do anything for the sake of your beloved? Are you a hopeless romantic or a cynic? With the help of our test, you are able to determine the type of connection you have with your partner. The main thing is to be as sincere and honest as possible in order to have an accurate result. Would you like to know a little more about yourself? Then don't waste your time. Take our quiz right now!