Does your child face a three years crisis?

Experienced parents know what a three-year crisis is and how it is described. But for the parents of the first born, sudden changes in behavior and habits may be a real shock because they haven’t faced this situation before. But they should understand and accept three important facts. Firstly, the three-year crisis isn’t something bad or negative as most of us are used to considering. On the other hand, it is an inevitable process in a child's normal development. And this is the second thing that needs to be understood by parents. Finally, they should accept the changes in their child’s behavior and help them through this period of life. So if you see that a child's attitude toward parents, other members of the family, friends, and toys becomes diametrically opposite, it is a sign that the three-year-old crisis has begun. This test gives you a chance to find out whether your child has passed through the three-year crisis or not. That's why you don't even miss a second!