Why is your woman jealous?

Why is your woman jealous?

Often jealousy is one of the reasons that leads couples to quarrels, breakups and even divorce. According to psychologists, jealousy is inherent in all people to a greater or lesser degree. We can be jealous of friends, colleagues, relatives and our second halves — it all depends on the emotional closeness and characteristic traits inherent in a person.

However, statistically, in relationships, women are the most jealous than men. This is due to a heightened sense of ownership, which some members of the female sex carefully hide, while others can bring men to quarrel or break up the relationship by their behavior.

It is also important to realize that some girls have not only a heavy character, a sense of ownership and predisposition to such expressive relationships, but also use jealousy in their own interests, for the sake of achieving any goals.

If you feel that your girlfriend or wife is very often jealous of you without reason and want to know what it is connected with, then this test is definitely for you! By answering the questions given in the test, you will get detailed explanations of your situation. And most importantly, understand whether jealousy is caused by such behavior of your other half or behind it there is something else.

Honestly answering the test questions, you will get the necessary advice and recommendations that will allow you to understand what provoked the problem of jealousy in your relationship, and most importantly, what you should do next.