Are you a nerd?

Everyone in the class had a person who was very different in his mental abilities. Due to constant amendments, demonstration of their intellectual abilities many people did not like such classmates. Those who like to learn had new nicknames – upstart or nerd. Are you one of those people? Our nerdy quiz will tell you if you are a real nerd! First of all, it is designed for those who consider science and scientific creativity the goal of their lives. This test will tell you whether science and study, and no matter where (at school, university), is the goal of your life. Also, this nerd test will help you understand whether science and the fate of a nerd is your destiny or not! Do you constantly adjust your glasses and look around so as not to run into guys you don't want to see again? Do you have a stack of books in your hands, and in your head — formulas and calculations, thoughts about homework and computer games? If the answer to all questions is yes, there is a danger that you are a nerd. Take this nerdy test urgently to find out for sure!