Are you selfish or selfless? Take the egoism and altruism test

Since childhood, we have been taught to help those in need, even strangers. It is essential to do it unselfishly, with no profit. “Good always comes back.” But who will take care of us then? After all, life is one. You must focus on your interests, goals, and desires primarily. Altruism is a character trait that is greatly encouraged by society, while egoism is rather negative. In the first case, you voluntarily act for the benefit of others, while in the second, you do everything for yourself. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps it is pretty hard to decide what type of personality you have. Try to answer the following questions: What is the root cause of selfishness? Am I or my friend self-centered? Can I sacrifice myself, my time and money for others if it goes against my principles? Let's find out if you have the most selfish or altruistic characteristics with this test!