Are you touchy? Do you get offended easily?

Why do people get offended by someone's personal opinion or feel they are being treated unfairly? Resentment is familiar to everyone, regardless of age. It can be objective or arise out of nowhere in order to attract attention. We are most often resentful if someone's behavior differs from our ideas of what is right. It happens because we believe another person is to blame, but in fact, the problem lies in our inflated expectations. This leads to passive aggression and anger, significantly harming our bodies and ending up in quarrels, fights, and conflicts. The main thing is to determine the cause of your concern on time and try to correct the situation. Do I really get annoyed easily? Or do I get angry easily? Our test is going to help you answer these questions. Be honest and careful. Are you ready? Let's find out how easy it is to insult you.