Luscher 8-color test

Сolor Personality Test


Luscher color personality test, created by Max Luscher in the middle of 20th century, is one of the most popular psychological methodologies. The test is very simple, however it provides a very exact and solid result.

Some people wonder “How do I pass the Luscher color personality test correctly and how do I place the colors in the right order?”. The answer is easy! First, there’re no correct or incorrect color combinations, there’s your current psychological state, which makes you be in sympathy with certain colors. Second, you just have to follow several simple rules:

  • to begin with, choose the color you like the most at the moment. Do not associate it with objects, your surrounding or your favorite color – just the color you like the most.
  • Keep choosing the most pleasing color among the others.
  • When there’re no colors left, take a 3-5 minute break and repeat the choosing procedure.
  • Do not try to remember the previous colors order. This is not a memory test!

Luscher color personality test interpretation takes a lot of time and is very complicated, especially for a non-professional. Hence, we suggest you to pass the Luscher test online with a transcript right now to know what’s going deep inside you. Shall we start?