Do you live or just exist?

Life is widely known as “a moment between the past and the future”. The majority of people try to enjoy their instant time and they just live in the present. However, there are individuals who do not prefer to act nowadays. Some of them are obsessed with the dreams of a bright future, and they believe in the changes in the successful circumstances of their environments. Others are used to mentally returning to the old years, and they go through the memories of childhood and adolescence. Returning to your personal history resembles walking backwards, seeing no goal and getting zero pleasure, which leads to a fall into a ditch. Many of us do not consider this situation a problem. But if you perceive that you are wasting your entity on nostalgia, you have a chance to alter your life and start to relish the present. Do you often go back to your former memories? Is it interesting for you to know the difference between life and mere existence? Take our test to find out whether you live rather than simply exist. Ready? Let’s go!