Gender Role Test

The modern world is completely built on the observance of the roles that society ascribes to a person. Gender roles are particularly important. Understanding them has been developed by people for thousands of years, clear rules have been created for their observance, which is why they are, perhaps, the most stringent. Many men and women suffer from the fact that they are required to comply with this role, which is largely stereotypical and, often, does not correspond to the realities of the modern world. The gender role is the inner essence of a person, which manifests itself in his worldview and behavior. It is noteworthy that scientists have proved that the connection of gender identity with a person's sex is not at all necessary. A man can think and feel like a woman, while a woman can lead such a way of communication, self-expression, which is more inherent in men. Answering these questions of the gender role test to determine your gender identity, you need to choose the option that most accurately describes you, your behavior, your outlook on life.