Get a detailed personality assessment

The Multiphasic Personality Test is one of the most popular psychological methods for studying the mental state, behavior, relationships, and individual characteristics of a person. It was created on the basis of research by Starke R. Hathaway, a clinical psychologist, and J.C. McKinley, a neuropsychiatrist. Their aim was to identify the tendency or presence of mental problems as well as emphasize special personal traits. It includes eleven different diseases and disorders, like social introversion, hypochondriasis, hysteria, psychopathic deviation, etc. In the end, you will have a complex analysis of yourself as an individual. Moreover, due to personality testing, it will show your predisposition to a particular mental illness. The multifaceted personal survey consists of 154 questions that should be taken as a certain characteristic. You should understand how this or that expression describes you. So, try to be honest in order to get reliable results. Please pay attention to the fact that the multi-stage personality check does not give a hundred percent guarantee of veracity, so it may upset you. But if necessary, you should consult a specialist. Now, you can start running the test and discover many interesting things hidden inside of you.