Hemispheric Brain Dominance

Which hemisphere of your brain is best developed for you and how does it help you, or, conversely, interfere with your life? Different hemispheres are responsible for different actions, thinking, and approach to problem solving. It is known that the left hemisphere is responsible for logical, analytical thinking, mathematical abilities, it parses problems into a number of elements and analyzes them. The right hemisphere is responsible for intuition, creativity, imagination, emotion, artistic taste, daydreaming, perceives the world as a whole and offers unconventional solutions. Ideally, it is worth maintaining communication between the hemispheres. However, temperament and education sometimes make us give preference to one of them, and this leads to the assimilation of certain views on life. Knowing which hemisphere is better developed, you can choose the most suitable profession or explain your seemingly strange behavior in any situation. Do you want to know the left or right hemisphere of your brain is dominant and how much? Take this test about Hemispheric Brain Dominance!