Impostor Syndrome Test

Try to imagine you have done a great job and brought to life a successful project. If you feel like you don't deserve the praise, you probably have impostor syndrome. People who suffer from this are convinced that they are not worthy of success and all the benefits of life. Luck is the only excuse for their own accomplishments. They are constantly blaming themselves for not performing something perfectly, when in fact, they are always on the right track. Such behavior is a protective reaction. The reasons for such a state can be diverse: unreasonable expectations, low self-esteem, childhood trauma, perfectionism, or endless comparison to others. As a result, it leads to anxiety and depression. That is why it is crucial to diagnose it in time. This Impostor Syndrome Test will help you determine whether you are at risk or not. Here you can also read some advice in order to improve your condition. So let’s find out the answer.