Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (6FPQ)

The SFPQ, or Six Factor Personality Questionnaire, is a quick, low-cost quiz that assesses six broad dimensions and 18 characteristics of a person. It is an extended version of the Big Five personal factors with an enhanced model of conscientiousness. It was developed by Jackson, D.N., Paunonen, S.V., and Tremblay, P.F. Based on your answers, this free personality test will reveal your main features and differentiators. Extraversion describes a person's ability to be social. The capacity to put other people's wants ahead of one's own is referred to as agreeableness. Methodicalness shows your carefulness and systematic thinking. Independence is your freedom of action without depending on other opinions. Curiosity and imagination imply an openness to experience. Industriousness is your desire to be hard-working and diligent. So, if you are willing to know how much you express this or that quality, take the personality assessment right now.