Your Hypersensitivity Level

Your Hypersensitivity Level

Sensitivity is a person's unique ability to respond to a variety of stimuli, whether physical, emotional or aesthetic. Our sensitivity test will help you determine how open you are to perceiving the world around you and how you react to different situations.

This test assesses several aspects of sensitivity, including hypersensitivity, hyperexcitability, low sensory threshold, and aesthetic sensitivity. Each of these aspects provides insight into how you interact with your environment and people, how you tolerate stress, and what your aesthetic preferences are.

Hypersensitivity refers to your perception of pain and stimuli, giving insight into how tolerant of different types of discomfort you are. Overexcitability reveals your reaction to stress and fatigue level. A low sensory threshold will help you learn how you react to physical sensations such as painful stimuli. Aesthetic sensitivity reflects your relationship to art and your ability to perceive beauty.

By taking this test, you will be able to understand how sensitivity affects your daily life and what areas need attention to improve your well-being. This will give you a better understanding of yourself and your reactions to the world around you, and help you learn how to manage your sensitivity more effectively.

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