What is your Anger Level?

What is your Anger Level?

This test is aimed at studying your anger level. The development of this test was based on the theory of Judith M. Siegel.

Anger is not aggression. These two concepts have different natures. Aggressiveness is a form of behavior that involves active resistance. Sometimes aggression helps people adapt to the surrounding reality. And sometimes it can create problems for people if they are unable to restrain themselves. Moreover, aggression can be expressed in various forms: verbal, physical, indirect, or direct. However, emotions and feelings (anger, rage, and hatred) are usually at the root of aggressive behavior. Therefore, anger is an emotion that is expressed in dissatisfaction with something or indignation or resentment over what is happening. And potentially, anger can lead to various forms of aggressive behavior.

This test examines the general level and four additional types of anger:

  • Short temper;
  • External anger;
  • Inner (hidden) anger;
  • Hostility;
  • The general level of anger.

Thus, after passing this test, you will be able to find out how often you show anger and in what forms it manifests itself to a greater extent. Shall we proceed?