Your blood type will tell you about your character

As many people know, there are four blood types: I, II, III, and IV, and the character of their owners is different. According to many popular theories, a person's character depends on the shape of his face, eye color, fingerprints, and other factors. An interesting hypothesis is popular in Japan: the blood group determines the nature of a man. In Japan, you can see an ad for a job that requires a manager with a certain blood type. Or a woman on a dating site describes the kind of man she is looking for, listing various qualities and indicating the desired blood type. The assumption that blood type can be related to personality traits is actually not that strange. Take a closer look, and you will see for yourself that people with different blood types have different manifestations of character, the strength of which is inherited from ancestors. Psychologists do not sit still. They have studied the influence of blood type on character. Find out how a person's blood type and character are related quickly and easily. Take this express test now!