Online test of Leonhard Shmishek on character accentuation

Online test of Leonhard Shmishek on character accentuation

People who take the Leonhard-Shmishek character accentuation questionnaire are thought to be like Karl Leonhard, who wrote about them in his book "Accentuated Personalities."

In his view, accentuation can be divided into such categories depending on its origin:

  • temperament, innate (hypertensive, emotive, exalted, dysthymic, anxious, labile);

  • as a social character (pedantic, excitable, stuck, demonstrative);

  • personal (extroverted, introverted).

It is important to note that Leonhard's ideas about extroversion and introversion are different from those of Eysenck, Myers, and Briggs.

The 60-question Shmishek test presented here will help you determine your personality accentuations, tendencies, and predispositions. Some types intersect with Lichko's ones. Therefore, in order to have a more complete picture, you should take both the character accentuation tests. Well, shall we proceed?

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