Are you a real witch? Take the witch test

Surely you have had such situations when you were lucky. For example, while passing exams, applying for a job, playing in a lottery, and the like. Or maybe there were some inexplicable things that turned in your favor. Most likely, you simply did not pay attention to it, referring to chance and luck. What if it was a manifestation of wizardry or something supernatural? It is likely you're probably a witch, not knowing it yet. Magic is a mysterious phenomenon. Possessing it gives you the power to change fate, create new objects, heal, predict the future, and countless other possibilities. If you are not able to brew a potion or fly on a broom, it doesn't mean you lack the gift of a witch. You may guess: “What power do I have?” Take our quiz to find the answer. Let’s go to learn what being a witch really means!