Are you pretty, beautiful or sexy?

Are you pretty, beautiful or sexy?

Every woman and girl is beautiful in her own way. Therefore, in the eyes of men, all women are perceived differently. 

What makes a girl beautiful? Beauty is a relative concept. It's different for everyone. Someone compares a girl with the fashion standards, and someone is convinced that the beauty of a girl is in her look, manners, and behavior. One of the main criteria of beauty is self-love. A girl is beautiful if she is happy and self-confident in her attractiveness. 

Being nice is combining a sincere smile, kindness, and modesty. Such girls appreciate family, comfort, and love children. Their inner and outer charm attract people to themselves. 

Being sexy does not necessarily mean having a perfect body that meets model standards. A woman's sexuality is reflected in her behavior, looks, and sensuality. And qualities such as coquetry, flirting, and lightness give the girl a special charm. 

With this test, you can find out what you really are: beautiful, cute, or sexy. Or maybe all at once?