How sexy are you? Your ultimate sexuaity test for girls

What is sexuality? It is not only outer beauty, being attractive to a girl and physical measures, but also certain character orientations, behavior, awareness of oneself and self-perception. It means that sexuality isn't only your physical and psychological features given to you by nature but also your ability to feel them and run through these features.

How does sexuality form? It is hard to imagine, but from ancient times to nowadays, scientists can't come to a common opinion about the definition of what sexuality is and didn't consider it as an object of scientific research. But they found what influences a person's sexuality.

Firstly, these are gender types. According to them, most women believe that they should never refuse intimate relationships with their partners, while most men believe that they should always encourage all the women around them to act.

Secondly, these are cultural backgrounds. Scientists say that in some countries it is normal to discuss sexuality, but in others it is forbidden. So, it influences a woman's point of view and her feelings about this.

And the last thing that forms a woman's sexuality is her sexual experience. It does not only refer to her physical relationship, but also to her knowledge of it and desire to learn more as an answer to the question “How to be sexy?”

Take your ultimate sexuality quiz to find out how sexual you are!How developed is this feature in you? To avoid any misunderstanding, we want to warn you that this test is for girls!