Let’s take a test about India!

What are we going to talk about today? About India! Most likely, you don't know much about this country and are thinking why go into details at all. But listen. India is located in the south of Asia on the Indian subcontinent between the headwaters of the Indus system in the Punjab in the west and the Ganges river system in the east. The country borders with China, Bhutan and Nepal in the north, in the northwest – with Pakistan, in the east – with Myanmar and the People's Republic of Bangladesh. In the east, India is washed by the Bay of Bengal, in the west – by the Arabian Sea, in the south – by the Indian Ocean. India, a mysterious country and to try to solve this riddle, you need to visit this country, or first solve the test about India. This country has its own laws, traditions and rules, both for locals and tourists. Do you want to know India for tourists? We have prepared a test with 25 questions, where you will learn tourist India, the sights of India, the culture and traditions of this country. Get started!