Temperaments personality test - determine exactly what is your formula

Temperaments personality test - determine exactly what is your formula

Some people take online “character tests” to determine what sort of temperament they have. Perhaps it is worth trying to understand these concepts in more detail.

Temperament is an inborn characteristic of a person based on the properties of the nervous system such as strength, mobility, and balance. It remains constant throughout life. And a person’s character is a number of acquired traits that depend on environment, upbringing, nationality, religion, etc. It turns out that the temperament of an individual is permanent, and the character is changeable.

It is not possible to single out good or bad categories. Each of them has both negative and positive sides. And once you find out what your sort is after doing this evaluation, you can learn how to use it rationally. There are four most common temperament styles: sanguine, phlegmatic, choleric, and melancholic. But people with only one style are extremely rare. More often, it is a mixture of several kinds in different proportions that comprise the nine traits of temperament.

This new online assessment allows you to identify your specific formula with high accuracy. What type prevails in you and what percentage are the others?

You can do this free “determine temperament questionnaire” right now on our website and identify your very own temperament type. This questionnaire is very modern and has high accuracy results. What nature and in what proportions make up your personal formula? Let’s find out!